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when we were stangers, i watched you from afar
when we were lovers, i loved you with all my heart

when apple leaves fall, you may feel something in your mind's eye

everyone's so intimately rearranged

funny how things change

it's in your head,

when God sleeps in bliss,
i'm all by myself

but you have to trust me or nail me to the boards,
crown of thorns for my rewards and you've said you loved me

dreamy, dreamy music make it be alright

i don't know my future after this weekend and i don't want to

i know the others treat you rough, and when you know you've had enough
you'll come and see me 'cause you know i'm always here

it takes two heads to understand
you really matter to me, uprooted from a dream i had;
nature fucking with me, unconditionally

i think i finally broke her,

i bring her home everything that i want and nothing that she needs

but she seems so free that i wish she was me

you've travelled very far just to see if i'll come around