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the smashing pumpkins..... the best band of all time

the smashing pumpkins secret page

gish favs:

album: siva, window paine, daydream

b-sides: drown (alternate guitar solo), girl named sandoz, honeyspider

siamese dream favs:

album: quiet, soma, geek u.s.a.

b-sides: siamese dream - broadway rehearsals demo, never let me down again - bbc session, luna - apartment demo

mellon collie & the infinite sadness favs:

album: galapagos, to forgive, here is no why

b-sides: pennies, tonight, tonight - strings alone mix, the aeroplane flies high (turns left, looks right)

adore favs:

album: for martha, perfect, 17

b-sides: valentine - sadlands demo, for martha CRC demo/take 1, my mistake CRC demo/take 1

machina/the machines of god favs:

album: the everlasting gaze, stand inside your love, wound